Salomon S/Race 70 Kids Ski Boots - 2022

By Salomon

The Salomon S/Race 70 ski boots are a perfect choice for younger skiers and smaller adults who are looking for a snug fit and a generous flex. Whether you're an emerging junior racer or someone with a narrower foot and shorter legs, the S/Race 70 is a strong performing boot with a lot of upside. Salomon does all of a favor with this boot, as they design it to look like the upper-end models. Everyone likes to feel like they're part of the club, and it's not like the graphics matter when it comes to performance, but it's a nice touch, and it does go a long way. With four buckles and a power strap, these boots are easy to customize to your foot, and allow you to fine-tune your fit during the day. From gate training to free skiing, these boots will be with you every tun of the way. With a 98 mm forefoot last, these boots are on the narrow side, and this leads to better overall control. When the plastic is tighter to your foot, the energy gets transferred to the ski more efficiently. This makes the boot feel and perform like a much stiffer boot, but you still are able to flex your ankles with the 70-flex, resulting in clean, deep trenches on the trail. The idea is to have the flex of the boot match your size and skill in order to create a more cohesive unit.