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How To Choose A Bike

Find the right bike for where you want to ride

When we say we help everyone find bikes we really do mean it! As Killington's first bike shop we've helped everyone from first timers to world class athletes (even a few Olympians!) we have helped bikers make the most of their time on the road and in the moutains since 1979.

how to choose mountain bikes

mountain bikes

Front suspension vs. full suspension? XC vs. Trail? Enduro vs. Downhill? There are so many bikes to choose from and we can help you narrow it down to the best bike for the type of terrain you'll be riding.

Cross-Country Bikes

We sell a variety of front suspension cross-country bikes to move quickly through on light off road terrain and easier single track mountain bike trails.

Popular models:
Trek Marlin, Trek Roscoe, Cannondale Trail, Cannondale Scalpel, trek top fuel
Trail Bikes

We sell a variety of Trail Full Suspension Bikes. These have longer travel forks and geometry that is designed to make trail riding easier. These are designed to both climb and descend equally as well.

Popular models:
Trek Fuel EX, Cannondale Habit, Cannondale Scalpel SE
Enduro Bikes

We sell a variety of Enduro Bikes that are designed to descend really well and still climb quite well. If you're spending more time at the Bike Park than you are climbing your local single trail network you might want to consider an Enduro bike.

Popular models:
Cannondale Jekyll, Trek Slash, GT Force
Downhill Bikes

We sell a select few models of true Downhill Bikes. These bikes are designed specifically to descend with gravity. They're designed to go faster on steeper descents, go bigger off of jumps, and in general designed to handle more rugged terrain than other styles of mountain bikes.

Popular models:
Trek Session, GT Fury
how to choose gravel bikes

Gravel bikes

So you want to prioritize exploring the backroads of Vermont primarily on dirt surfaces? Maybe you already have had a road bike and want to extend the type of roads you can ride?

Cannondale Topstone, Trek Checkpoint
how to choose road bikes

Road bikes

We sell an special order a unique mix of road bikes from Trek and Cannondale.

From aerodynamic race bikes to endurance road bikes. Even pedal assist e-road bikes.

Endurance Road

Super comfortable bikes designed for riders who want the ultimate smooth ride.

Popular Models:
Trek Domane, Cannondale Synapse
Race Road

You want to climb mountains faster than your friends or the rest of people in your group. You're looking for a lightweight, stiffer rider that handles corners like a Porsche through traffic.

Popular Models: Trek Emonda, Cannondale SuperSix Evo
Aerodynamic Road

You want to glide through the rolling hills as fast as you can and prefer the most aerodynamic designed bike available. You might sacrifice a little weight but understand the time lost on the uphills can be made up on the flats and downhills.

Aerodynamic: Trek Madone, Cannondale System Six


We sell a mixture of e-bikes from Trek and Cannondale. We offer both pedal assist Class 1 and Class 3 bikes as well as a few options in your pedal assist with throttle Class 2 bikes.

From comfortable e-hybrid bikes that you can ride around town to high performance e-mountain bikes and everything in between.

Popular Models:
Cannondale Tesoro, Trek Allant, Cannondale Adventure Neo, Cannondale Moterra, Cannondale Topstone Neo, Trek Domane+
How to choose a hybrid or fitness bike

hybrid & fitness bikes

We carry an assortment of hybrid and fitness bikes from Trek and Cannondale.

Popular Models:
Cannondale Quick, Trek FX, Trek Verve, Cannondale Treadwell
how to choose a kids bike

kids bikes

We carry an assortment of kids bikes from Trek and Cannondale. From 12" balance bikes to 26" mountain bikes and everything in between.

Popular Models:
Cannondale Trail, Trek Precaliber

other items you'll need for biking

These are a few other items you might want to consider for cycling.

1. Repair kit

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2. Hydration

You're going to get thirsty when you're biking! People often forget how important it is to carry a hydration pack or bicycle water bottle and some people don't have a bottle cage for their bike.

3. lights

Safety first. Lights save lives and that's for certain. Distracted drivers will notice a light from a further distance if it's blinking so make sure you have a taillight on your bike if you plan to ride on any public roadways (paved or gravel).

4. GPS

We have GPS on our phones and in our cars. So it's important to also consider how you'll find your way on bike. We have GPS designed for cycling that shows you the way and tracks your speed and elevation.


5. Bike rack

If you don't have a bike rack you're going to have trouble taking your bike home (unless you have a pickup truck). We sell all sorts of bike racks designed to work with all types of cars.

6. Bike pumps & inflation

Every bike tire will lose air over the course of a few days so it's important to check your tire pressure before every ride! Low tire pressure is the most common reason people get a flat tire!

Common questions

If I could only buy one piece of equipment initially what would it be?

Answer: A bike, 100%! Schedule an appointment with one of our Gear Experts to get your next bicycle.

When does it make sense to purchase my own bicycle?

Answer: That varies, it really depends on how many times a year you plan to bike and how often you like to update your equipment.

Most of our rental guests will consider purchasing gear after they have rented a handful of times.

Can I test out bikes before I buy?

Answer: Yes, we have a Test Center that let's you test out bikes before you buy. We don't have every bike available to test ride but we have a lot!

We normally recommend reaching out to us in advance in case it's a bike we need to assemble prior to your arrival.

Do you offer seasonal bike rentals or lease packages?

Answer: At this time, we offer daily, weekly, and monthly rentals for bicycles.


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