how to buy hiking gear


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How To Choose Hiking Gear

Find the right gear for where you want to hike

With our unique location in the Heart of the Green Mountains we are near the Appalachian Trail, Long Trail and popular day hikes including the Deer Leap Overlook Trail, Mount Tom trails and many other trails. During the winter months we sell tons of snowshoes and related accessories to keep winter hikers comfortable in the cold.

how to choose hiking gear

warm weather HIKING GEAR

So you want to get some hiking gear that you can use here in Vermont and throughout New England during the warmers months.

how to choose snowshoes

snowshoes and cold weather hiking gear

We offer a mix of snowshoes, traction spikes, and clothing designed for snowshoeing and winter hiking. We often have challenging winter conditions here that may require some different layering options compared to other climates. Ask one of our experts for help finding the right gear for your next winter adventure.



Trekking poles make hiking and snowshoeing easier. They help improve your balance, endurance, and confidence in the often slick mountainous environment we encounter in the Northeast. We carry a variety of collapsible trekking poles from Black Diamond, Leki, G3, Salomon, and DPS.

how to choose hiking socks


We stock a large assortment of hike socks to make your day as comfortable as possible. From lightweight breathable styles to full cushioned socks designed to keep you warmer in cold conditions.

You can browse our selection of hike socks from Darn Tough and Smartwool.



We offer custom footbeds for all types of athletes and with our partnership with BootDoc we have found which insoles work the best for hiking boots, trail runners, to your everyday shoes.

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other items you'll need for hiking

These are a few other items you might want to consider for hiking.

1. Backpack

Whether you're heading out for a short day hike or a multi-day adventure on the Long Trail you're going to need a good bag designed for hiking.

2. Hydration

You're going to get thirsty when you're hiking! People often forget how important it is to carry enough water (and some) when hiking. Some people prefer hydration systems that slip into their backpack while others prefer a water bottle solution.

3. headlamps

Safety first. Headlamps are a must have for anyone heading out on a hike. Sure your phone has a "flashlight" but will that last into the late night? We carry a variety of high quality headlamps for hiking and snowshoeing that are designed to hold up in the harshest weather.

4. GPS Watch

We have GPS on our phones and in our cars. So it's important to also consider how you'll find your way on a hike. We have GPS designed for hiking that not only shows the way but can also track your heart rate, speed, elevation, location, and so much more.

5. Rainwear

If you don't pack rainwear you'll definitely get rained on! We stock a variety of rainwear (both jackets and pants) that will help you stay dry in wet conditions. They can also keep you warmer in colder conditions.

6. hiking clothing

Wearing the right clothing for hiking won't only be more comfortable but it will also help you maintain a more consistent body temperature. We sell hiking clothing for both summer use and winter.

Common questions

If I could only buy one piece of equipment initially what would it be?

Answer: A good pair of hiking socks to accompany a good pair of hiking shoes!

When does it make sense to purchase my own hiking backpack?

Answer: That varies, it really depends on how many times a year you plan to hike and what types of hiking you're planning on doing.

A good place to start is finding a smaller hiking pack for day hikes. These can be used for other activities as well!


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