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How To Choose Skis


When we say we help everyone find skis we really do mean it! From first timers to world class athletes (even a few Olympians!) we have helped skiers make the most of their time on snow since 1979. We love skiing and we love the variety of skis that our brands are making today. Let us help you find the right pair of skis for the way you want to ski.



There are so many downhill skis to choose from and we can help you narrow it down to the best ski for the type of terrain you'll be skiing.

Carving Skis

We sell a variety of carving skis designed to turn easily on groomed snow in a variety of conditions. These will be your best friend when it's firm snow.

Popular Models: Rossignol Forza, Nordica Steadfast
Twin-Tip Skis

We sell a variety of twin-tip park skis designed to hit rail, boxes, and jumps. These skis can be used for all mountain skiing as well. Depending on the model we offer a mix shapes for park, pipe, and free ride terrain.

popular models: Armada ArV, Armada ARW, armada chronic, faction prodigy
All-Mountain Skis

We sell a variety of all mountain skis designed to handle both on-piste and off-piste terrain well. These skis feature wider waist widths than carving skis and in most cases introduce more tip and tail rocker.

Popular Models: Salomon QST / Stance, Nordica Enforcer / Santa Ana, Rossignol Sender / Rallybird, Rossignol Experience / Temptation, Line Pandora, DPS Kaizen, Faction Dancer, Armada Declivity
Powder Skis

We sell a variety of powder / slush skis designed to handle off-piste terrain, fresh snow, and wet slushy snow extremely well. These skis feature even wider waist widths than all-mountain skis. In addition, Powder skis features lots of rocker in the tip and tail to help you float on top of the snow instead of sink in.

Popular Models: Salomon QST, Rossignol Sender / Rallybird, Line Sakana, DPS Kaizen
how to choose ski boots

Find the right ski boots for your feet

Everyones feet are different and when we examine closely almost every single person has slightly different feet. Ski boots are the most important part of your ski set up. Don't forget you'll need a great pair of ski socks too!

how to choose ski bindings

find the right ski bindings for your skis

What's the difference between ski bindings? What kind of ski bindings do I need? Why are there so many different ski bindings? What's a din? What size brake do I need?


find the right ski poles for how you ski

Ski poles are important for not only balance but your timing. We can help you find the right poles for how you ski. What size ski poles do I need? What size basket do I need on my ski poles? Do I need carbon ski poles?


These are a few other items you might want to consider for skiing.

1. Ski Socks

Cold feet stink. Wet feet stink. Get a good pair of ski socks to avoid both. We sell a mix of merino wool and synthetic socks that are comfortable and will keep your feet warm and dry.


Gloves and mittens are designed to keep your hands warm and dry. But there are different types of gloves and mittens that will have varying levels of insulation. In general, mittens will be warmer than gloves.


Originally goggles were invented to prevent snow from getting in your eyes. Today they do a whole lot more than that and offer a variety of lenses that will help you see better even in the most challenging light conditions.

4. helmet

Helmets are cool. Not only do they keep you safe, they keep you warm. Today helmets are lighter in weight, fit incredibly well, and offer the best safety features.

5. Ski Poles

Ski poles are important for not only balance but your timing. We can help you find the right poles for how you ski. What size ski poles do I need? What size basket do I need on my ski poles? Do I need carbon ski poles?

Common questions

If I could only buy one piece of equipment initially what would it be?

Answer: Ski boots, 100%! Schedule an appointment with one of our certified Bootdoc Fitters to get your feet warm, cozy, and comfortable.

When does it make sense to purchase my own ski equipment?

Answer: That varies, it really depends on how many times a year you plan to ski and how often you like to update your equipment.

Most of our rental guests will consider purchasing gear after they have rented a handful of times.

Can I test out skis before I buy?

Answer: Yes, we have a Test Center that let's you test out ski equipment before you buy.

We normally recommend bringing your own boots (and if you don't have boots reach out to us so we can help you get fitted for a pair) before you test new skis to ensure you have a consistent ski demo experience.

Do you offer seasonal ski rentals or lease packages?

Answer: Yes, we do offer seasonal ski rentals and lease packages for both adults and children.


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