how to buy paddle gear


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How To Choose Paddleboards

Find the right paddle gear

Do you want to stand up and paddle or sit back and kayak? We rent and sell a variety of paddle boards and kayaks you can use to enjoy the beautiful lakes and ponds throughout Vermont and the rest of New England.

how to choose paddle boards

paddle boards

We started selling paddle boards in 2010 after we saw a bunch of people on them catching waves in Southern California. We thought it would be sweet to try and catch a wave (small or big) here on lakes in Vermont.

Since then we've tried out lots of different paddle boards from touring to all-around surf shapes. While we don't get many waves here we have found out which boards work best for our beautiful lakes.

how to choose kayaks


Single person vs. two-person, sit-on-top vs. sit-in? We offer a few different options for kayakers.

how to choose paddles


We sell a special order a unique mix of paddles for paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes.

Popular Models Include:

Paddleboard: NRS, Tahe, SIC

Kayak: Tahe, NRS

Canoe: NRS

how to choose a PFD


We carry an assortment of adult and kids life jackets from NRS. We have jackets that will perform better for paddle boarding and kayaking than your standard life jacket. If you're not sure where to get started let us help you get fitted.

other items you'll need for paddling

These are a few other items you might want to consider for cycling.

1. Paddle Clothing

From swimwear to cold weather paddle gear we carry a variety of paddle sports wear that will make your day on the water a blast.

2. roof rack

If you don't have a proper rack you're going to have trouble taking your paddle board or kayak home (unless you have a pickup truck). We sell all sorts of roof racks designed to work with all types of cars.


If you're going to be on the water don't forget some sun protection from sunscreen to UPF clothing and accessories we've got you covered.

Common questions

When does it make sense to purchase my own paddle board or kayak?

Answer: That varies, it really depends on how many times a year you plan to paddle board or kayak and how often you like to update your equipment.

Most of our rental guests will consider purchasing gear after they have rented a handful of times.

Can I test out a paddle board or kayak before I buy?

Answer: Yes, we have a Test Center that let's you test out paddle boards and kayaks before you buy. We don't have every model available to test but we have a lot!

We normally recommend reaching out to us in advance in case it's a model we need to assemble prior to your arrival.


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