Bring a brew, bring your bike, and bring a friend.
We plan a different route every week from Memorial Day - Labor Day.

All are welcome.

A bike club for everyone

A lot of people ask "should I come?" the answer is yes, we love seeing new faces on our weekly Bike + Brew Club Rides.

We try to ride every Monday evening.
Meet at 5:30pm, Roll by 5:45pm.



Maybe you're new to the sport, maybe you've been riding forever. Either way you're looking to ride your bike.


This is a true "no-drop" ride meaning someone will always be willing to hang back with the slowest rider.


We do our best to mix up our routes every week. We try to plan a mix of road and gravel road rides. Some are flatter (in Vermont terms) while others feature more challenging climbs.


You can appreciate the calories burned on a bike ride and the need to refill them with your desired beverage of choice. You might also want to test out some new beverages so bring an extra one to share!

Common Bike + Brew Club Questions

Do you meet at First Stop every week?

Answer: NO, because we vary the ride routes every week we don't meet at the shop every week. It is important to follow us on Instagram or Strava to check out our weekly route and meeting place.

Do you ride every week?

Answer: Yes, we try to ride every week with the exception of some holidays and if the weather truly doesn't cooperate.

Why does the ride route change every week?

Answer: We vary the ride route every week so we keep it interesting for all of the riders. We also like sharing some of our favorite rides and exploring some new rides with the group.

Can I preview the route?

Answer: Yes, we do our best to share the route we've planned by Monday morning on our Strava Club Page

Can I join the ride if I don't drink beer?

Answer: Of course! All ages are welcome and we encourage everyone to bring a beverage of some sort. It could be a juice, soda, seltzer or whatever you appreciate!

If I don't have my own bicycle can I rent one for the ride?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: Yes, you should rent a bike for our Bike + Brew Club Ride but please make sure you arrive early to pick it up so you're not holding the rest of the group up!

How many miles do you typically ride?

Answer: It varies based on the route, time of year, and elevation. But in generally we plan rides that are 13-27 miles in distance.

Should I bring a road bike? gravel bike? mountain bike?

Answer: In general most rides are a mixture of pavement and smoother gravel roads. So a road or gravel road bike will suit the ride well.

However, you're welcome to bring whichever bike you feel most comfortable riding.

We will always try to recommend the type of bike we think will best handle the terrain but we know some riders are capable of pushing the limits!

Can I ride my e-bike?

Answer: Hell yeah! Just please be mindful of those who're riding non pedal assist e-bikes to ride at a similar pace or if you're courteous even slightly behind the non e-bikers.

Do I have to sign up? Or can I just show up?

Answer: You can RSVP on Strava if you're definitely coming but it is not required. Drop ins are welcome even if it's only for one ride a year!

Do you ever take the Bike + Brew Club mountain biking?

Answer: Currently we host road and gravel road rides for the group. We sometimes venture "off road" onto Vermont Class IV roads that are often unmaintained.

We're looking into hosting group mountain bike rides please let us know if you're interested.

Is there a fee to join?

Answer: No, there is no fee to join our club. We appreciate your business and support and remind club riders that our group leaders are volunteers so please treat them with respect!

Actual Club Ride Reviews
Looking forward to a new season of First Stop Board Barn rides!
— Deb Fennel, Rutland, VT
My favorite part of Bike + Brew Club? Enjoying an ice cold Bud Light post ride.
— Chandler, also known as "The King of Spring"