First Stop/Board Barn Season Tune Card 2024/25

$239.95 $700.00
By Service


Save big with a Season Tune Card. Use it 5 times and you'll break even, every tune after that is bonus!

Perfect for ski houses, families, and individual skiers and riders who are planning to tune their equipment multiple times throughout the season. Choose from either a 10-Tune Card or 14-Tune Card valid 10/1/2024 through 5/1/2025.

Here's a friendly heads up

With our Season Tune card, the magic truly begins after your fifth tune. Each tune traditionally costs $70, but once you've used your card five times, you're all even. And the best part? Every tune after your fifth is a delightful little bonus. Now, isn't that a sweet deal? Happy tuning!


  • Use it for any ski or snowboard
  • Includes base grind, stone grind, edge sharpen, & wax (if your gear needs it!)
  • Apply 1 tune toward the demo of a new pair of skis or snowboard when available.


  • Major base repair
  • Edge repair
  • Top sheet repair
  • Delams
  • Binding Adjustment
  • Binding Mount or Remount


  • Most weekend skiers and riders will drop off their gear on Sundays and pick them up on their way back into town on Friday. 
  • Mid-week skiers will typically drop off their gear and give us a day or two to complete their tune-up. 
  • What about overnight tunes and same-day service? We do our best to accommodate as many season tunes customers as possible. Depending on our work load we try to prioritize tunes on a first-in / first-out basis. So, if you drop your gear off after 4pm we can't guarantee they'll be ready for opening but we most likely can have them ready by mid-morning the following day.


  • Summer storage is available for $50 per ski or board. If you don't pick up your skis by 6/1 we will assume you want to pay for summer storage and email an invoice.