As a family owned business we've felt the pressure financially to participate in outdoor sports.

That's why we started Our Consignment Shop decades ago to pass along quality used equipment to the next person who could use it.

This diverts equipment from the landfill and helps us support those who might not otherwise be able to afford to ski, snowboard, bike, or paddle.

how does consignment work?

Simple, you drop off your used equipment and we help you sell it. Once it sells, you get a store credit you can use towards your next in-store purchase.


1. Bring it in

Bring in your used skis, snowboard, or bike equipment to get an evaluation. If your gear is more than 10 years old it will most likely be out of service.

2. Price it

We help you price the equipment based on prior sales experience. If it's a bicycle we use Bicycle Blue Book to get a fair estimate.

3. Sell it

Once we have the equipment priced we'll do our best to direct people to your gear!

4. Once it sells

We will assign a 70% store credit to your account. This store credit is valid for 1 year and can be used towards any in-store purchases.

5. redeem your credit

You can use your store credit towards the purchase of any in-store items. Service and special order items are not eligible for store credit use.

6. if it doesn't sell?

If your item doesn't sell by the end of the season we ask you to pick the item up. If you don't pick it up we assume you want to donate the item to a local charity of our choice.

common questions asked about our consignment program

When do you accept snowsports consignment equipment?

Answer: We accept snowsports equipment starting October 1st, unsold equipment must be picked up by May 1st.

When do you accept bicycle and paddle sports consignment equipment?

Answer: We accept bicycle and paddle sports equipment May 1, unsold equipment must be picked up by September 1.

What's the store credit amount?

Answer: Once the item sells you get a 70% store credit. We take a 30% commission on the sale of consignment equipment. This fee is non-negotiable.

Do you accept clothing and accessories?

Answer: We wish we could but we don't have the physical floor space to do so at this point in time.

What happens if my gear doesn't sell?

Answer: If your gear doesn't sell within the designated season we ask for you to pick it up. If you don't pick it up we will assume you want us to donate the equipment to a local charity or discard.

Do you accept paddle boards and kayaks?

Answer: With the addition of our Paddle Shed we now have space to accept a limited amount of paddle boards and kayaks. These items are large and bulky so we will be selective when choosing what items we will sell based on available space.

Can I donate equipment?

Answer: If you prefer to donate your equipment please let us know when dropping your gear off. If it's something we believe we can sell or donate we will accept the gear. If not, we'll kindly ask you to discard of it on your own time.

What People Are saying
Thanks for helping us outfit our family with a mixture of new and used gear. It wouldn't be possible for us to ski & snowboard otherwise!
— Anonymous
Wow! I found my dream skis in the consignment section that were in great shape for a fraction of the original price. I stop by every week or two to see if there's a hidden gem.
— Anonymous