These are some of our favorite rides & routes for cycling in the area.


Road Rides


First Stop to Echo Lake Inn & Back

  • 28.3 miles
  • 1,183 ft of elevation
  • Lollipop Loop
  • Road Surface: Good pavement with nice shoulder (most of the way).

Notes: Start along Route 4 gentle downhill to Route 100A where you'll climb to Calvin Coolidge Homestead. You'll pass beautiful farms and a small cheese factory before descending the Plymouth Notch to the bottom of Salt Ash Mountain. Turn left onto Route 100 South passing a few lakes until you see the Echo Lake Inn on the right. Great spot to snap a photo before heading back North along Route 100 toward Killington. 


Paved / Gravel Rides


First Stop to Daily Hollow Paved / Gravel Loop

  • 16.4 mi
  • 1,252 ft of elevation
  • Loop
  • Road Surface: Great pavement, bad pavement, smooth dirt, loose dirt.

Notes: Start along Route 4 gentle downhill to Bridgewater Center Road (Turn Left) where you'll climb along gentle flowing stream toward Daily Hollow Road (turn left). Climb Daily Hollow Road and turn left to Bridgewater Hill Road where you'll get some stunning views of Killington. Descend carefully down Bridgewater Hill Road back to Route 4. Turn right onto Route 4 and return to Killington.