Custom Bike Fitting
When it comes to bike fitting there are a lot of things we can do to help you.
• Get properly fitted by an experienced bike fitter before purchasing your bicycle
• Determine the best bike for your ability and budget
• Determine the correct seat height, stem length, posture, and strength distribution 
• Custom fit your bike to your body for added comfort and performance
• Appointments are suggested 
• Get properly fitted by an experienced bike fitter 
• Determine the correct seat height, stem length, posture, and strength distribution 
• Custom fit your bike to your body for added comfort and performance
• Appointments are suggested

• We have a range of BD heat moldable footbeds 
• The process can take up to 45 minutes 
• Appointments are suggested
Give us a call at 802-422-9050

FSBB Custom Fit & Test Ride    
$125 (90 Minutes)

The FSBB Custom Fit & Test Ride is the perfect way to achieve the ultimate comfort and performance you desire on your bicycle. In addition to offering on-the-bike measurement and assessment, we have a personal Bike Fitter accompany you on a short ride after the custom fitting to make minor tweaks and adjustments for the ultimate fit. This allows us to take measurements in both a static and dynamic environment and compare the results for greater accuracy. Most importantly, it allows us to see your cycling technique and offer suggestions to improve your riding comfort, power, and efficiency.

Our process begins with a brief interview to discuss your cycling goals and injury concerns. A properly fitted bicycle should adapt to your body providing extra enjoyment, comfort, and help prevent future injuries. We then observe body structure and assess flexibility and range of motion to determine multiple positioning factors. Once on your bike, we start on the power source – your feet- and work upward to your ankles, knees, hips, torso, shoulders, elbows, and hands. This progression coordinates each position point: cleat placement, saddle height, saddle fore and aft location, stem length and angle, bar width and rotation and brake lever position. The personal evaluation by our expert fitter accomplishes the ultimate goal: comfort, power and efficiency on your bicycle in a 2.5 hour session.

Custom Footbeds
$49 - $99 (30 Minutes)

Because your connection to the bike starts with your feet, we offer a variety of cycling specific footbeds to increase comfort and maximize efficiency. When applicable, cleat shims may also be used to reduce muscle imbalances, improve knee alignment, and refine your pedal stroke. An evaluation of your foot structure with the use of our Boot Doctor Pedascope and pedaling mechanics is included in every fit. 


A) Semi-Heat Moldable Foot Bed $79

Ideal for recreational riders seeking added comfort, increased power, and efficiency.

B) Fully-Heat Moldable Foot Bed $109

Ideal for serious riders and competitive cyclists seeking the ultimate fit, increased power and efficiency. 

Things to know about the fit process:

• Fitting is by appointment only. Please call 802-422-9050 to schedule.
• Please arrive promptly for your appointment and ready to ride in your usual cycling gear.
• Please contact us if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment
• If you’re buying new cycling shoes or pedals, please complete your purchase before the fit session starts. We can help you make your selections before we begin the fit.
• Parts installation may take more time, and in some cases, incur additional labor charge.
• Substitute components may be required to create the best fit and are not included in the fit price.
(For example: Stems, Saddles, Shoes, etc.)