Skigee Retractable Goggle Wiper



A Skigee is like a windshield wiper for your goggle lenses! You can attach the recoiling Skigee to your snow pants or jacket and extend the reach of your Skigee. 

Your gloves are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, the materials and stitching used are often made of the toughest materials possibly and can be incredibly abrasive. 
Modern goggles feature delicate mirrored lenses that offer better definition in varying light conditions but they're also much more delicate than any pair of eye or sunglasses you've ever owned. 
One swipe of a glove or cheap base lodge napkin to a brand new goggle lens can scratch the lens and even wipe parts of the mirrored finish off essentially ruining the lens. A Skigee is designed with soft rubber that is design to adapt to the spherical shape of the lens and wipe off wet snow and moisture without damaging the lens. 
A friendly reminder, you never, ever want to wipe the inside of your goggle lens. They feature an anti-fog gel that activates when you overheat and if you wipe the gel it will smear and the lens will never be as clear.

The Skigee Retractable Goggle Wiper is sold exclusively in-store and online at