Shimano M06 Metal Disc Brake Pads

By Shimano

***Please note: We have had trouble finding this sought after pads but were able to secure some in bulk, they are Genuine SHIMANO parts but NOT wrapped individually with Shimano packaging.


Shimano M06 Metal Disc Brake Pads are sintered Metal pads with consistent, high stopping power in wet or dry conditions and excellent durability, and feature a ventilated steel backing plate for improved heat dispersion. 


  • Fits XTR BR-M965/966/965, Saint BR-M800, BR-M775/765, SLX BR-M665/601, LX BR-M585, BR-M545, BR-M535, Road BR-R505 caliper
  • Compound: Metal
  • Heat Sink: No
  • Backing Plate Material: Steel
  • Pad Shape Number: 20