Salomon Sentry Prime Sigma Goggles +1 Lens

By Salomon

Perfectly balancing a cool street-style vibe with the best goggle tech, Salomon’s Sentry Prime are goggles you’ll always want on. The two magnetic, color-amplifying SIGMA™ lenses let you enjoy flawless vision in different conditions. It’s super-easy to pull a lens off, click another one on, secure it with the latch and go as hard as you want to go.


  • Small
  • Large

Lens shape


Cylindrical lenses are designed on a base curvature on the X axis (horizontal), they follow the curve of the face, offer a good field of vision and reduce optical distortions.


Prescription glasses compatibility


Filtration color: Pink Red

Delivers the brightest contrast and works well in flat light conditions.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT %): 13

Sunny weather - Cat. 3



Filtration color (extra lens): Pink Red

Delivers the brightest contrast and works well in flat light conditions.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT %) (extra lens): 36

Partly cloudy - Cat. 2




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    • Fit and comfort

      A low-profile frame and Salomon’s Custom ID Fit technology ensure your goggles instantly adjust to the shape of your face, so you can enjoy outstanding vision and comfort.

      Performance and reliability

      The 50 mm, extra wide strap with silicon​, 7 strong magnets, and 2 side locks make sure your goggles and lens stay in place no matter how hard you choose to go.

      Convenient lens protection

      These goggles come with a foldable, lens-shaped, magnetic protector that is easy to snap on, so your goggles can stay protected and clean when not in use.


      SIGMA is a Salomon Innovative Lens Solution that impressively amplifies color contrast on snow, enabling the eye to instantly read terrain variations in a wider range of light


      Filters out 100% of UV rays, preventing all eye damage caused by sun

      LENS PROTECTION: Lens protector

      Designed to fit in your pocket and with magnets that make it easy to snap on, this foldable lens-shaped protector keeps your goggles’ lens protected and clean when not in use.

      FIELD OF VISION: Max vision

      Ultimate field of vision, offering a superior vertical & horizontal vision

      FIT: Custom ID fit

      Adaptive foam complexes for an advanced fit & anatomical comfort whatever the face shape

      FIT: Triple layer face foam

      Double density PU foam for instant comfort and reactive support with velvet layering for great skin contact

      FIT: Over The Glass compatible

      Specially studied to accommodate prescription eyewear worn underneath the goggle

      FOG MANAGEMENT: Airflow system

      Offers maximum airflow, bringing fresh air into the goggle while pulling moisture out

      STRAP ADJUSTMENT: Silicone backed strap

      Smooth & secure grip on the helmet

      STRAP ADJUSTMENT: Dual-slide buckle adjustment

      Quick length strap adjustment

      LENS INTERCHANGEABILITY: Secure magnetic changing system

      This magnetic lens-changing system features mechanical latches guaranteeing an extra-secure hold, while keeping it super-easy to pull a lens off, click another one on, and go!

      HELMET INTEGRATION: Helmet compatible

      Perfect fit integration and airflow circulation with helmets

      ACCESSORIES: Extra lens

      Get a free extra lens with different visual light transmission to enlarge your riding session under different weather conditions

      ACCESSORIES: Hard case + microfiber goggle bag

      Provides excellent protection to safely carry and clean your goggles