Salomon S/Pro Supra BOA® 110 Ski Boot 2025

$599.96 $749.95
By Salomon


Our impression of the new Salomon S/Pro Supra BOA®: "Absolute game changer! Stop fussing with your old buckles and upgrade to the ultimate precision fit only found in the Salomon S/Pro Supra BOA® boots. My favorite feature is the ability to tighten the boot easily with a glove or mitten on but if you go too tight you can easily rotate the BOA dial back a click or two to the exact amount of pressure you desire. With the elimination of the lower two buckles the shell wraps around your foot more evenly therefore reducing pressure points and increasing blood flow. The end result? Better fit, better circulation, more comfort, more control, and warmer feet! ” -Randy Elles

Designed to make it easier to adjust your foothold and performance throughout the day, Salomon’s Supra BOA 110 challenges traditional boot constructions to give you a new standard of perfect fit. Featuring a weaved Alpine Boa buckling system, it offers more consistent foot-wrapping for more comfort and control on the slopes.

 More contact, better fit

Strategically placed thinner-shell walls, Alpine Boa dial, cable and guides increase the number of tightening points on the forefoot, for a more precise fit.

Smoother foot wrapping

The Alpine Boa tightening system combined with a latex-foam liner smoothly wraps your feet, to deliver more comfort and precision to your skiing.

Perfect ski-steering capability

By dissipating pressure points and perfectly wrapping your foot, the ExoWrap® construction delivers perfect heel and ankle hold, increasing your control on the slopes.

SHELL: Polyurethane

A material with consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, reliable progressivity and good power transmission.

SHELL: Custom Shell HD

The Custom Shell HD process brings fast personalization to the boot lower shell of in 10 minutes. Thin wall construction & new materials allow the foot to be closer to the shell.

SHELL: Sensifit Mesh

The alveolated PU insert, located on the inside of the shell, makes it super easy to step in. Combined with the BOA® Fit System, it reinforces the wrapping feeling when closing.

SHELL: BOA® Fit System

The BOA® Fit System delivers a micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions.

CUFF: Polyurethane

Material with consistent density that ensures perfect wrapping, progressivity and good power transmission.

CUFF: Power spine

This metal plate links the cuff and the shell to provide strong back support, progressive rebound out of the turn, and powerful forward flex no matter the snow conditions.

CUFF: Custom Shell HD

The Custom Shell HD process lets bootfitters personalize to the boot’s lower shell or cuff in 10 minutes, while thin wall construction and new materials keep the foot closer to it.

LINER: My CustomFit 4D Sport

A pre-shaped Sport liner for great foothold and instant fit.Cushy foams and outside placement of Talyn® fabric ease adaptation, while the elastic toe box gives more forefoot space.

LINER: Light² footbed

Slightly shaped, lightweight footbed made of special, lighter foams.

STRAP: Screwed velcro 45mm

This 45 mm thick strap holds the foot securely in place and optimizes power transmission. It is easy to remove or replace as it is screwed in with two screws.

PADS: Gripwalk premounted ISO 23223

GripWalk pads are premounted and their specific shape offers improved walking comfort and more grip no matter the conditions.

ADJUSTMENT: Screwed BOA® Fit System

A micro-adjustable system engineered to create a unique wrapping feeling while reducing pressure points. Durable and easy to replace, it locks the heel to improve ski steering.

ADJUSTMENT: Full service

The buckles, toothplate, strap and oversized pivot are screwable so dismantling the boot is easy and bootfitters can easily access all parts when working on customizing the fit.







  • Alpine Boot last: 100/106
  • Weight: 1870g 1 boot
  • Norm: Gripwalk
  • Tech inserts: No