Ripclear Spherical Lens Protector



Enjoy superior and crystal clear protection for your eyewear with the Ripclear Goggles Lens Scratch Protector Kit!

Made from a premium, thin plastic material with innovative technology, this Ripclear patented lens film is armored with scratch-resistance, clear optics, water-repellency, anti-fingerprint, and anti-fog properties. We won't let you suffer from a distorted or hazy vision, while protecting your lenses from unwanted scrapes, subtle grazes, harsh weather conditions, and many other hazards.

When investing to support your active lifestyle, you want your goggles to be highly protected and scratch-free especially when they're brand new! Getting a Ripclear protector presents a more affordable alternative to a lens replacement or buying new goggles. The products also meet the ANSI Z87 military rating for its tried-and-tested exceptional protection.

This Ripclear package includes:

  • 3 Ripclear lens protector
  • 3 packaged wet lens wipes
  • 1 high-quality microfiber cloth
  • 6 dust removal stickers for easy application
  • 3 dust removal sheet for dust removal
  • Clear application instructions
  • A Ripclear sticker