Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad Full-size Truck- Black L/XL


Shuttle saver

The Race Face T2 Tailgate pad is made to fit any shape of tailgate, and has an adjustable rear camera panel to keep from backing into your precious cargo.

With raised bumpers and downtube straps, shuttle freedom is here.

Product details

  1. Raised bumpers along inner tailgate fit most frames and prevent bike-to-bike contact
  2. Adjustable rear camera panel to keep view clear
  3. Top edge adjustment for easy fitment
  4. Raised square pads along outer tailgate secure forks in place
  5. Frames secured with hook and loop and strap system
  6. PVC tarpaulin material with micro-brushed inner lining
  7. Outer tailgate 155cm (l) x 56cm (h) x 8cm (w)
  8. Inner tailgate 149cm (l) x 31cm (h) x 8cm (w)