POC Coron Air MIPS Full Face Helmet- Uranium Black



The Coron Air MIPS has been designed to deliver performance protection all day long. Developed using POC's Whole Helmet Concept™ to deliver superior levels of comfort, fit and performance, the helmet is optimized for all-day use. Features including optimized ventilation channels ensure airflow is maximized at both low and high speeds, making the helmet an ideal choice for enduro. Updated to include the Mips Brain Protection System, the full-face helmet gives enhanced rotational impact protection. The helmet's specially formed ear chambers are designed to minimize the negative effect on balance and hearing associated with wearing a full-face helmet. A fiber glass shell and a multi-impact EPP liner provide high impact performance, durability and low weight. Developed in collaboration with POC Team athletes including Martin Söderström and Robin Wallner, the Coron Air MIPS provides protection trusted by the professionals.


The MIPS Brain Protection System gives improved rotational impact protection.

Multi-impact liner

An EPP helmet liner gives multi-impact protection.

Fiberglass Shell

The outer shell is constructed from fiberglass to give exceptional durability.

Breakaway peak

The helmet's peak will break away in a fall, enhancing neck protection.

Innovative ventilation

The innovative airflow channels through the helmet work to keep the head cool at both high and low speeds.

Removable cheek pads

Cheek pads can be easily removed after a crash, making it easier for medical professionals to remove the helmet after injury.

Ear chambers

Specific ear chambers minimize the impact of wearing a full-face helmet on hearing and balance.