Michelin Lithion 2 Tire Black



"What is perhaps the best combination of performance and protection available, Alex!"

Yes, folks it's true. Installing a pair of Michelin Lithion 2 Reinforced tires on your bicycle will keep you speeding down the straights, railing through turns, and not slowing down for wet weather. Thanks to the amazing Michelin Silica compound, the Lithion 2 Reinforced's herringbone shoulders and slick center tread provide both grip and speed where appropriate.

In addition to those amazing benefits, the Lithion 2 Reinforced deflects sharp objects that would shred a lesser tire. Several Michelin technologies contribute to the Lithion 2 Reinforced's resistance to abuse. HDC, or High Density Casing, a 60 threads-per-inch casing, wrapped around the folding beads twice each for three-plies of carcass, is the first line of defense. Most of the L2R's cut protection comes form the Bead-to-Bead Puncture Protector (BBPP), creating a barrier behind each sidewall and under the tread. Additionally, HPRS, or High Protect Rim System keeps friction damage to the tire casing because of the rim bead minimized.  

Every ride is a Daily Double with the Michelin Lithion 2 Reinforced tire.