Line Blade Optic 96 Skis 2023

$419.97 $799.95
By Line


Our impression of the Line Blade Optic 96: "Whoa? Did Line just make one of the best new all mountain skis of the year?!?" "These Line Blade Optics RIP!" "Wow! Seriously impressed" These are what all of our testers (both male and female) were saying about the new Line Blade Optic series. Skiers liked all three widths while the 96 was the most versatile, the 92 was slightly more fun on the frontside and the 104 was a true soft snow specialist you could still ski everyday no matter what the conditions threw at it. Sure, Line is known as a "twin tip brand" but don't let that fool you, this is one of the best skis we've tried to date. The tip rocker is just right and the bigger tail rocker makes skiing through the bumps and trees much easier than many of the other skis in this category. 

Line's review: Don't even try to get optics on these blades. You can't do it. They're too fast. It's like when an anime swordsman cuts a dude in half and they don't even realize it until their torso part is on the ground looking up at their leg part. That's the kind of optics we're talking about. When you're crushing down the mountain on your new Line Skis Blade Optic 96 Skis, some person will be like, "Did you see that?" and their friend will be like "See what?" And then sweet S tracks will materialize on the snow in front of them. Or maybe some figure 11's pointing straight off a massive booter. But you'll already be at the bottom, getting on the chair for another lap.

  • Shape(mm): 129-96-119
  • Weight/ski: 1780g
  • Sidecut Avg: 18m
  • Stance: -54mm
  • Profile(mm): 10-2-9
  • Core: Aspen Veneer
  • Base: Fatty 1.7
  • Flex: Directional
  • Geometry: 5-Cut
  • Construction: Capwall
  • Edge(mm): Fatty 2.5 x 2.2