Faction Prodigy 0 Grom/L6 GW Binding- 2024

$399.95 $449.95
By Faction


Freeski-loving junior skiers will love the Faction Prodigy 0 Grom for its mix of a sleek black topsheet overlaid with eye-popping colors. The twin-tip design, light polyfly core and smooth rocker makes the ski playful and easy to transition between turns. This freestyle junior ski features XL 2.5 mm edges, anti-chip micro-cap technology, metal tip protectors and a high resistance topsheet to keep the ski durable from all the scratches and hits. The ski comes bundled with the C5 GW rail binding, the perfect pairing for junior skiers thanks to it's ease of adjustability and favourable DIN range (0.5 - 4.5).image

You'll love this ski if:

You're a budding ripper looking for the ultimate freestyle starter ski

You want a feather-light ski for doing spins and tricks

You want an easy ride, designed specifically to avoid hooking your edges

You want a strong ski that stands up strong to the inevitable bumps and dings

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