BD S5 Insoles



*Custom Insoles are fit in-store by a certified Boot Doc fitter, the foot analysis and fitting are included in the purchase price.

BD Insole Comfort S5 have been developed by considering the anatomic requirements. This is a great trim-to-fit option from BD similar to Superfeet with the added bonus of minor heat mold capability. 

  1. Analyze: The main first step will be performed by our Boot Fitter in-store using our BD Podoscope to analyze your foot length, width, arch height, and load distribution.
  2. Select: Our Boot Fitters will help you select the correct footbed based for you in-store.
  3. Customize: 100% Individualization and the correct personal fit will be reached by thermo moulding of the BOOTDOC Insole. While the insoles already have a good fit, the thermo fitting is the perfect step to reach highest grade of individualization.