Save 15% off rentals when you reserve in advance.

Here's How We Do It


Walk-ins are welcome, but rental reservations are preferred. You'll save 15% Off our walk-in rental rates when you reserve online in advance.

2) check-in

When you arrive in-store check in at the front desk. Your reservation will be under your Last Name. We'll have you sign a quick waiver and pay.

3) get sized

From there, we'll ask a few quick questions and size you up for your rental package. We do offer multiple snowshoe size options to ensure a great day on the mountain.

4) go Snowshoeing!

Once your rental technician finishes setting up your gear you'll be on your way.


*Ideal for beginner to advanced level snowshoers*

This package offers gear that is designed for easy entry, good stability on rollinng terrain and flotation in snow. Adjustable heel risers help users ascend steeper trails. Adjustable poles provide better stability and balance on uneven terrain.

Includes: Snowshoes & Adjustable Poles (If Needed)

*Optional Damage Waiver available for $5/day

Walk-In Rate

1 Day $29.99

2 Days $49.99

3 Days $69.99

4 Days $89.99

5 Days $109.99

Weekly $129.99
(6 Days + 7th Day Free)

Reservation Rate

1 Day $25.49

2 Days $42.49

3 Days $59.49

4 Days $76.49

5 Days $93.49

Weekly $110.49
(6 Days + 7th Day Free)

Other Items Available To Rent

Walk-in Rate



Adjustable Poles

Snowboard Boots

reservation rate



Adjustable Poles

Snowboard Boots

Common Snowshoe Rental Questions

Can I pick up my rentals the night before?

Answer: Yes, you may pick your rentals up anytime after 2pm the day before you go snowshoeing.

What time are my snowshoe rentals due back?

We ask for you to return your snowshoe rentals by 6pm.

Can I apply my rental fees towards the purchase of new snowshoes?

Answer: Yes, you may apply up to 2 days of rentals fees towards the purchase of a new set of snowshoes.

Do you offer different snowshoe options?

Answer: Yes, we stock multiple sizes of snowshoes to accommodate different size renters.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Answer: We recommend winter snow boots or waterproof hiking boots.

Don't have snow boots? We do have snowboard boot rentals available which can work well for guests who don't own snow boots.

We also sell some great snow boots designed for winter hiking and snowshoeing.

What does your Damage Waiver cover?

Short Answer: Our damage waiver covers incidental damage to the snowshoe equipment, it does not cover abuse, theft or loss.

Long Answer: We spend a lot of money, time, and effort to maintain our rental equipment every year. If we feel that the equipment was abused we retain the right to charge for repair or replacement costs.

Do you rent adjustable poles only?

Answer: Yes, we do!

What's the average turn-around time for snowshoe rentals?

In general we try to outfit rental guests as quickly as possible, most guests will spend between 5-15 minutes* between check in and check out.

*During peak hours this time can increase but we do our best to offer extended hours during the peak season and additional staffing on holidays and weekends in an effort to minimize wait times.

Are walk-ins welcome? Or do I need to schedule my rental fitting?

Answer: Yes, walk-ins are welcome but if you know the dates of your travel we encourage you to reserve in advance to A) save time and B) save money.

When do I pay for my rental?

Answer: Payment is due when you pick up your rental equipment.

What brands do you use for your rental snowshoes?

Answer: We carry a variety of models from top snowshoe brands:

  • Tubbs
  • Atlas

We also offer adjustable poles from:

  • Leki
  • Black Diamond

Actual Customer Reviews
I don't typically write reviews, but due to the outstanding service I felt compelled. We rented from FSBB 3 consecutive weekends due to their fabulous service, seamless process, friendly atmosphere and awesome selection! These guys can't be beat!
— Angela W.
This shop is fantastic. The people that work here are friendly, patient, and pros. Kyle helped our family get set up with gear and took his time with us to make sure we were fully satisfied. Our boots needed adjustments to tailor them to our feet and get rid of discomfort- he did a great job !
— John M.
The best!! Fabulous equipment. They know their stuff WELL and are incredibly helpful. Their goal is to have you leave with equipment you will be happy with for years to come (or if your goal is to rent, leave with high quality gear). The only place we shop, send family and friends (to rent and buy), and anyone who asks for a rec. A true local gem.
— Jessica B.
Service is the best! We went in to have our rental equipment adjusted and Bill was so helpful. The shop is very comfortable and has all the best brands and equipment you might want.
— Brian R.