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Salomon MTN Explore 88 Ski 2017

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Brand Salomon

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It wasn't that long ago that 88 millimeters underfoot was considered a "fat" ski, especially in the touring world. No longer. The Salomon MTN Explore 88 Skis are the narrowest in Salomon's new MTN series of skis designed to enable multi-day trips and big objectives without giving up too much in the descending department. The Explore 88 is light enough for all but the most extreme of days, but also rocks at speed and on icy steeps. The addition of Salomon's new wonder material, CFX Superfiber, with its carbon and flax weave is a big reason why. When you're going long and dropping big and a wimpy light ski just won't cut it, the Salomon MTN Explore 88 is the perfect tool.

  • Rocker Type: MTN Rocker - Moderate tip rocker, camber underfoot, and an almost flat tail
  • Carve Zone: The traditionally cambered section of twin rocker skis, where the sidecut is focused for more power, energy and edge grip.
  • Hook Free Tip Taper - Smooth tip taper combined with five point shape enhances directional stability in fresh snow without diminishing floatation or ease of turning.
  • Tail Taper - Sharp tail taper lets you slide the tails when necessary while maintaining stability for drops.
  • G-Spot - Coordinated sidecut and rocker profiles focus edgehold directly underfoot for better hold while skiing and improved grip while skinning.
  • Core: Karuba Core - Lightweight laminated 3D full woodcore with excellent liveliness and durability
  • Laminates: CFX Superfiber - A strip of woven 60% carbon fiber and 40% flax is laid over the top of the core during construction, adding both strength and smoothness.
  • Honeycomb Tip - Lightens the ski at the tip for improved swing weight
  • Space frame 2.0 Construction - Provides power where needed when skinning up and skiing down. Space frame 2.0 technology was inspired by Salomon's Legendary Pocket Rocket ski.
  • Sidewalls
  • Full Sandwich Sidewalls - Vertical ABS sidewall construction delivers superior edgehold on harder snow.
  • Additional Features
  • Tail Clip Notch for Skins