Salomon MTN 96 Carbon Ski 2024

$799.95 $899.95
By Salomon


Our impression of the Salomon MTN 96 Carbon Ski: "This is a lightweight touring ski you can actually ski fast on with confidence! This ski makes the uphills easier and the downhills more enjoyable. The added tip rocker improves this skis mixed snow performance! One of the best touring skis I've tested and the reason I am getting a pair for myself this season." -Randy Elles


Engineered so it’s light enough for easy touring, yet wide enough for outstanding free touring, the MTN 96 CARBON moves downhill as effectively as it climbs up. Combining all the strengths of Salomon’s iconic MTN 95, it has an alpine shape and a more lightweight, carbon construction. Sustainably made, it is an environmentally friendly choice.

Touring efficiency

The lightest wide touring ski Salomon ever made is carbon-reinforced to minimize uphill effort, and leave you with more energy to go beyond your comfort zone on the way down.

Uncompromised descent

Salomon’s exclusive Cork Damplifier is visibly integrated into the tip of the ski. It filters terrain vibrations and creates a more stable ski no matter the snow conditions.

More sustainable

Made to last with up to 40% sustainable materials, this ski is part of Salomon’s untiring sustainability efforts aimed at minimizing our product’s impact on the environment.

Cork Damplifier

Cork is three times more absorbing than Koroyd. Using it in the tip of the ski enables a high level of vibration absorption and dampening with even less weight.

Skin Tail Clip

Precut notch in the tail of the ski allows quick, easy and secure attachment of climbing skins.

All Terrain Rocker

Rocker tip, early rise tail and camber underfoot.

Full Sandwich Sidewalls

Full Sandwich Sidewalls guarantees stability and precision, it enhances performance by providing good edge grip and smooth ski-to-snow contact.