Salomon Cosmic Sigma Black/SkyBlue Goggles- 2022


Brand Salomon

COSMIC SIGMA™ is the goggle that glasses wearers have been waiting for. It fits great over glasses and won't fog no matter how thick the air gets or how hard you ski. The new SIGMA™ lens amplifies contrast, enabling the eye to read terrain variations better, especially in sunny or cloudy light conditions.

Amplified contrast and definition

Salomon's SIGMA™ Lens technology amplifies contrast and visibility, especially in partial sun or cloudy light conditions by boosting blue and red wave lengths.

Over the glasses (OTG) performance

More than just fit, the OTG solution for COSMIC SIGMA™ combines a comfortable shape over eyeglasses, and drastically reduces fogging by improving airflow around the eyes.

Efficient air circulation

Carefully designed and tested air vents ensure more air moves through the goggles to evacuate moisture and reduce fogging.