Rossignol Hero J3 Ski Boots 2020


Brand Rossignol

For young skiers making their way up the learning carve, the Rossignol Hero J3 Ski Boots will help them get into the groove of things. Specifically some sweet S shaped grooves down the groomers. This soft, three-buckle boot is just the tool for the job to get your youngster on the slopes and on their way to becoming a hero of the ski resort.


Junior LastBoot shell addresses common problem fit areas for a comfortable fit.


Flex: 40Soft flex indexed for young skiers on the learning curve.


Comfort Fit LinerComfort fit liners feature soft materials for all-day cushioning and warmth.

Shell Materials & Design

Sensor InsideSENSOR boot shells mirror basic footbed balance philosophies with three points-of-contact. Direct contact with the foot's three balance receptor points; big toe, little toe (1st & 5th met-heads) and heel) offer unprecedented power and snow feel.




3 Macro Buckles

3-Position Adjustable Teeth

Diagonal BucklesPatented diagonally-oriented buckles provide better shell wrap and fit, and are easier to align during entry and exit. The diagonal angle pulls the foot back into the heel pocket for increased support.

Buckle MaterialsPolycarbonate / Metal

Bootboard & Footbed

Alveo Bootboard