Rossignol HERO GS/SG Ski Poles 2022


Brand Rossignol

This elite-level World Cup GS and Super G race pole keeps you moving at top speed with an aerodynamic triangular shaft that slices through the air. The ergonomic World Cup grip offers a secure, comfortable hold, while the carbide tip maintains a powerful bite.

Lightweight Strength
Aluminum zicral shaft construction offers a great balance of lightness, durability and strength

Engineered for Racing
Triangular shaft offers enhanced aerodynamics and strength for competitive racing

Shaft : Aluminium Zicral

Shaft - Shape : Triangular

Shaft type : Triangular profil

Shaft diameter : 18

Grip - Material : Bi Material

Grip : Hero

Strap : Hero Velcro

Basket - Material : Mono Material

Basket : World Cup - 54mm

Tip : Carbide