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Marker Kingpin 10 A/T Binding 2017

$599.00 $549.00

Brand Marker

Kingpin.  The new power in touring.

The innovative Kingpin redefines the performance standard in PinTech AT binding technology. Marker’s PinTech binding with DIN/ISO 13992:2007 certification from Germany’s prestigious TÜV testing organization, the Kingpin’s unique design and new toe and heel pieces are the culmination of years of R&D testing including over one million vertical feet on snow. Ease of use, DIN/ISO certified release function, and best of all, unbeatable power transmission while on the descent mean that you’ve never had a day in the backcountry like the ones you’ll have on the Kingpin.


Powder Magazine Skiers Choice Award
Weight: 1,460g/pair
DIN: 6-13
Intended Use: Touring

"The Kingpin is a lightweight touring option that provides retention, releaseability, and bomber skiability. While the toe maintains the two-point connection, the heelpiece has an alpine-like wide contact around the boot. This not only provides retention and release, but the reliable “thunk” of stepping in. Going between walk and ski mode is not the easiest, and the heelpiece has a lot of plastic, but if you want just one setup, the Kingpin is all you need."


DIN range   5 - 10
Recom. Skier's Weight 100-230 lbs
Height w/o ski 28 mm
Brake Width 75-100mm and 100-125mm
Toe System Kingpin PinTech Toe
Gliding AFD Stainless Steel, Height Adjustable*
Step-in heel Kingpin Heel
Color Combinations black / gold
Boot sole range 264-356mm
Art. No. 7734P1.MA (75-100mm), 7734P1.MB (100-125mm)