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Fabric Scoop Elite Shallow Saddle


Brand Fabric

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Finally, saddles have bridged the gap between fashion and function, exemplified here in Fabric's Scoop Shallow Elite Saddle

Designed to provide flexibility and an ergonomic feel through all genres of cycling, the Scoop is a truly multi-faceted saddle. Fabric's minimal three-step manufacturing process eliminates staples and reduces excess material, which reduces weight, improves comfort, and makes the saddles extremely easy to clean once dirty.

Coming in a standard 142mm width, the Scoop Shallow Elite is a multi-position saddle with a medium level of padding. Utilizing a highly flexible nylon for the base, the Elite saddle is the pinnacle of comfort. Vacuum-bonded and custom designed, the staple-free base is also fantastically easy to clean. Hollow Cromoly rails are heavier than their titanium counterpart, but you know what they say...."Steel is real," in this case, real strong and real comfortable.

Padding and support is achieved with a lightweight PU foam topper. Literally wrapping up the whole ensemble is a waterproof, microfiber cover which offers grip and a lovely supple feel. Say goodbye to harsh saddles. 

Designed for everyone, the Fabric Scoop Saddle is the perfect balance of comfort, performance and simplicity.