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DPS Zee Bend Ski Poles Red


Brand DPS

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Zee Pole Alloy 

The original Smith Z-Bends were a fairly iconic piece of ski equipment that could be easily spotted on resorts across the country and in ski film. They were the Jaguar XKE of ski poles—enticing lines, but patently unreliable. Despite these inherent weaknesses, they were associated with an exciting era in skiing—the "Big Mountain" movement. Plain and simple: Z-Bends just looked really cool. Smith stopped manufacturing the poles around Y2K. Ever since, they’ve been a craved-after item in ski swaps and online ski forums. It’s worth noting that the bend in the pole has zero technical advantages for recreational skiing, and as far as we know, zero drawbacks. We'll call it a neutral performance proposition, but what they do have is a certain style that holds the eye. And that's what we've delivered in this aluminum alloy version. With rubber race grips, holding and admiring these sticks will bring you regular pleasure.