DPS Pagoda 106 C2 Skis 2023

$899.95 $1,549.00


Our Impression of the DPS Pagoda 106 C2 Skis? This is Bill's favorite long turn ski in the DPS line up. If you like long turns at high speeds this might be your ski. These have a longer edge contact compared to the RP-shaped skis (or older Wailer 100/112 skis we fell in love with after the first turns). The advantage of the longer ski length is increased stability at high speeds and a very confident feeling when you're pushing through chop at the end of the day. Just because this ski has a longer turn radius doesn't mean you can't make a quick turn when you need they just require the skier to put a little more effort in than the RP shaped skis. The USA made Pagoda construction blends powerful carbon fiber to reduce weight while increasing torsional stiffness. 

DPS description: The 106 reflects the most current blend of smoothness, balance, and power; in an all-mountain, everyday shape designed for mixed snow conditions.  

The Pagoda 106 C2 is for those who crave race-inspired arcs down the fall line. With a refined flex profile and longer edge contact than the RP-shaped skis, the user is able to dynamically enter the turn, and generate power and excitement as they exit. It will go through, over, and around any type of snow or terrain in which the pilot finds themself.

Revel in Skiing’s Finest Construction. Allow your senses to merge with the zenith of carbon fiber ski tuning. Pagoda is an approach to engineering. It’s the product of over 15 years devoted to tuning carbon skis. As the centerpiece of the DPS ski collection, Pagoda sits comfortably between the Pagoda Piste and Pagoda Tour bookends. Defying classification, this vibrant construction performs extremely well in both resort and backcountry settings. Its unique horizontally layered core quiets unpleasant inconsistencies felt in less-than-perfect snow, while allowing the electricity of carbon to elevate the senses during the precious moments of soft snow euphoria. Enjoy the palpable sensations that can only be found when the mind and ski unite: experience Pagoda.

189cm 139/106/123
184cm 138/106/122
179cm 137/106/121
171cm 136/106/120
163cm 135/106/119
155cm 134/106/118
19m 2130g
19m 2040g
19m 1930g
19m 1820g
19m 1720g
19m 1590g