Burton Performance MW Men's Snowboard Sock


Brand Burton

Men's Burton Performance + Midweight Snowboard Sock

A high-performance blend of stretchable, breathable, quick-drying midweight fabrics that wick away heat-robbing sweat.

Midweight versatility combines with some seriously tech function in the men’s Burton Performance + Midweight Sock. The key is in a combination of padding, compression, and venting, all in strategic zones to optimize your comfort, and made with moisture-wicking, quick drying fabrics. Padded zones help alleviate pressure on your shins and around your heel, while venting releases excess heat and moisture to maintain comfort on hikes, hot laps, and long walks in the parking lot.


Padded Channels Alleviate Pressure and Increase Comfort on Top of Foot
All Over Elastic Support
Low Profile Welted Cuff
Made in Italy