BD Insole Comfort S8 Low Arch


Brand Boot Doc

*Custom Insoles are fit in-store by a certified Boot Doc fitter, the foot analysis and fitting are including in the purchase price. 

BD Insole Comfort S8 have been developed by considering the anatomic requirements. The 3 basic types are differentiated in LOW ARCH, MID ARCH, HIGH ARCH. 

The model is available in the sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL and for pronation as well as supination so that every customer can find just the right model for them. Among the technological highlights of the COMFORT insole are its full-shell support construction, its Alcantara surface, and its six-layer construction which is responsible for the stability of the foot. The thermal isolation layer keeps the feet of the insole’s wearer warm. Front and heel shock absorbers compensate the strains on the feet so that ski tours can be made without having any pains. The COMFORT insole has a Cushion/Flex Index of 50. It also has an innovative anti-odor function which releases a pleasant smell whenever the ski boots are put on and taken off without affecting the foot climate.

  1. Analyze: The main first step will be performed by our Boot Fitter in-store using our BD Podoscope to analyze your foot length, width, arch height, and load distribution.
  2. Select: Our Boot Fitters will help you select the correct footbed based for you in-store.
  3. Customize: 100% Individualization and the correct personal fit will be reached by thermo moulding of the BOOTDOC Insole. While the insoles already have a good fit, the thermo fitting is the perfect step to reach highest grade of individualization.