Armada ARW 84 Skis Flat 2020


Brand Armada

Armada ARW 84 Skis are the perfect learning tool for the young girl who loves skiing and has a budding interest in switch skiing and the park. With a Pop-Lite Ash and Poplar core and a cambered profile, the ARW 84 has tons of pop for launching into the next turn or turning up the amplitude off a jump.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Positive CamberTraditional camber engages the tip and tail of the ski throughout the turn shape, enhancing ease of entry into and exiting the turn for the ultimate in solid edge hold.


Flex Pattern (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)Tip: 4.5 | Waist: 6 | Tail: 5


Pop-Lite CoreA combination of Ash and Poplar woods in a lightweight and lively core


Laminate MatrixDirectional layering of fiberglass dictates flex pattern and torsional rigidity.


Cap Construction


S7 BaseDurable and low maintenance, with a speed additive for quickness.


1.7mm Impact EdgeHeat treated, built to avoid excess weight while maintaining durability.

Binding Compatibility

We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.