First Stop/Board Barn Season Tune Card

$299.95 $259.95

Brand Service

Save big with a season tune card with 14-tunes.

Perfect for ski houses, families, and individual skiers and riders who are planning to tune their equipment multiple times throughout the season. 

Valid 11/1/2019 through 4/30/2020


  • 14 Tunes use it for any ski or snowboard
  • Great for ski houses, families, & die hard skiers and riders
  • Includes base grind, stone grind, edge sharpen, & wax
  • Does not include major base or edge repair, estimate provided at drop off
  • Does not include binding adjustments or installation
  • Apply 1 tune toward the demo of a new pair of skis or snowboard when available.


  • Major base repair
  • Edge repair
  • Top sheet repair
  • Delams
  • Binding Adjustment
  • Binding Mount or Remount