Rossignol XV Sashimi LG Splitboard 2021


Brand Rossignol

Designed for exploring the backcountry, the men's XV Sashimi LG Splitboard smears the lines between playful, progressive and full-send modes. It fits between the XV and XV Sushi designs. It's softer than the XV for ease of use and narrower and longer than the XV Sushi for increased float and versatility. Think untracked bowls or steep pillow lines. The Sashimi delivers an energy-filled ride for exploring where the lifts don't run.

Explosive Pop and Stability
AmpTek Elite Rocker maintains explosive pop and edge-gripping stability

Smooth Ride, Focused Edge Control
L.I.T.E. Grip enhances edge pressure on toe and heel sides when you need it most

Smooth Turn Transitions
Radcut turn design blends traditional and reverse sidecuts profiles for responsive maneuverability at low speeds and enhanced stability at higher speeds

Control and Maneuverability
Reverse Directional flex delivers balanced power, control and maneuverability for all-mountain versatility

All-Mountain Power, Freestyle Versatility
Moderate flex for a stable blend of power and forgiveness for all-mountain and freestyle riding

100% of Rossignol's wood snowboard cores originate from sustainably harvested forests