Rossignol Hero Elite Plus Ti+Konect SPX Dual 12 Bindings 2020


Brand Rossignol

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Calling all weeknight warriors or those with a one way ticket to first chair trench town, the Rossignol Hero Elite Plus Ti + Konect SPX Dual Bindings are just what you've been needing. Boasting a titanal backed poplar wood core and power turn rocker, these babies are ready to slam gates with the boys. Add in a fast base, minicap rectangular sidewall and Line Control Technology to give you the utmost turning power, and it's time to lay the smackdown on City League with the Rossignol Hero Elite Plus Ti + Konect SPX Dual Bindings.

Product Details

Rocker Type

On Trail Rocker | 90% Camber / 10% Tip RockerDesigned for on-trail precision, On Trail Rocker features traditional camber through 90% of the ski length for explosive power, snap and edge grip, with subtle tip rocker for easier turn initiation and control.


Prop TechDeveloped in response to FIS turn radius regulations, PROP TECH supplies an adaptive torsional flex through the forebody of the ski for superior power transfer and control. Vertically machined cuts in the metal laminate release the torsional flex, allowing smoother, more comfortable turn initiation and improved edge contact.


Oversized SidecutCombining deep carving sidecuts with wider, modern waist widths, this profile delivers powerful carving precision and edge grip while increasing stability and control.


LCT (Line Control Technology)An evolution of World Cup racing innovation, Rossignol's patented new LCT construction harnesses pure power and energy, delivering fluid stability in all conditions. Featuring a central "Power Rail" integrated from tip-to-tail, LCT eliminates counter-flexing of the ski to ensure consistently smooth stability and dynamic control of your line.

LCT HD Core TiSpecifically developed around groundbreaking new LCT technology, HD Core Ti is a new Titanal infused construction that balances high-definition power, dampness, stability, and drive with the lively, dynamic mobility for mixed snow conditions and changing terrain.

Poplar Wood CoreThis highly progressive construction helps skiers up their game while having fun, whatever the terrain. The power varies according to the fiberglass, core thickness and curve.


VAS Inner Rod


Rectangular Sidewalls


Sintered HD

Binding Plate

Konect Binding SystemThe new integrated system that is set to revolutionize top-end ski equipment. From the width of the beams to the spacing of the screws and the technical features of the materials used; every detail has been carefully studied to deliver maximum skiability, so that all pressure exerted by the skier is transmitted directly to the skis. The Konect system features Dual WTR technology and is available with the SPX and NX technologies.

Included Bindings

Includes Look SPX 12 Konect Dual WTR BindingsDIN Range 3.5 - 12

Bindings Do Not Come Mounted to SkisAlways have a certified binding technician mount and adjust your bindings.