DPS Pagoda 100 RP Skis 2023

$899.95 $1,549.00


Our Impression of the DPS Pagoda 100 RP Skis? You want one pair of skis that you can ski here in Vermont and anywhere out west. This could be your ski. DPS' Pagoda 100 RP shape is truly unique giving you power under the foot where you need it while on groomers and the ease to smear your turns through tight trees, bumps and chutes. They make soft snow skiing easier while maintaining hard snow stability. The USA made Pagoda construction blends powerful carbon fiber to reduce weight while increasing torsional stiffness. 5/5 stars for a one ski quiver and also a powerful alpine touring ski option as well. 

DPS description: Classic RP shaping comes with a 15m radius and shorter effective edge to promote performance that is forgiving to pivot and slide, yet powerful and reactive when locked in a carve.

A truly unique do-it-all tool, the Pagoda 100 RP possesses the ability to excel in nearly every situation. Whether surfing a surprise storm, or mach-ing through spring corn, the intuitive RP shape provides a floaty, playful platform – thanks to its rockered and tapered tip and tail. When dropping into your favorite tree run, its 15m radius allows for nimble turns and a strong sense of control. In firm conditions, the Pagoda construction acts like finely tuned suspension, resulting in precise reactivity.

Revel in Skiing’s Finest Construction. Allow your senses to merge with the zenith of carbon fiber ski tuning. Pagoda is an approach to engineering. It’s the product of over 15 years devoted to tuning carbon skis. As the centerpiece of the DPS ski collection, Pagoda sits comfortably between the Pagoda Piste and Pagoda Tour bookends. Defying classification, this vibrant construction performs extremely well in both resort and backcountry settings. Its unique horizontally layered core quiets unpleasant inconsistencies felt in less-than-perfect snow, while allowing the electricity of carbon to elevate the senses during the precious moments of soft snow euphoria. Enjoy the palpable sensations that can only be found when the mind and ski unite: experience Pagoda.

189cm 134/100/119
184cm 133/100/118
179cm 132/100/117
171cm 131/100/116
163cm 130/100/115
155cm 129/100/114
15m 2000g
15m 1805g
15m 1805g
15m 1760g
15m 1605g
15m 1490g