Rossignol BlackOps Sender Skis Flat 2022

$469.95 $800.00


Following in the footsteps of the ubiquitous Soul 7 was never going to be easy, but the Rossignol Black Ops Sender Skis manage it with aplomb while marching to a fresh new beat. Equipped with a versatile 104mm waist width, smooth rocker lines, and a relatively flat, stiff tail, the Black Ops Senders will immediately slot in as the ideal daily driver for many, confidently handling everything from boilerplate to blower. The extended Pauwlonia wood core and Damp Tech laminates smooth out vibration and reduce tip flap, giving them significantly more stability at speed than their S-Series forefathers. All-mountain has a new top dog, and it goes by the name Rossignol Black Ops Sender.

Rocker Type

Tip Rocker  Medium

Tail Rocker  Medium

Camber  Low


Pop: Medium  Medium pop translates to a lively rebound and balanced stability at speed.


Paulownia Wood Core  Paulownia Wood is 30% lighter than average, offering a compromise between agility, control, and power.

Extended Core  Extended Core increases snow contact and torsional stability for enhanced precision and control in varied snow conditions.


Diago Fiber  Race-developed Diago Fiber reduces weight and enhances responsiveness.

Double LCT VISCO  2LCT Visco construction adapts Line Control Technology for wider skis to harness energy input for increased power and control.

Damp Tech  A Damp Tech insert at the tip reduces ski vibration, absorbing irregularities in the terrain.

Air Tip  Air Tip lightens the tip and tail of the ski for improved maneuverability and turn control in all snow conditions.


30% Recycled Material


100% Recycled Steel


15% Recycled Topsheet

Additional Features

Sustainability  The all-new BLACKOPS range has been developed with a strong focus on material sourcing and the product lifecycle. Each ski has been constructed using PEFC™ certified poplar or FSC® certified paulownia wood cores combined with recycled topsheet, base, and edge materials to help reduce their environmental impact.