NEW! $300 Green Mountain Power E-Bike Rebate Available through June 30, 2020

Green Mountain Power offers $200 E-Bike RebateFirst Stop Board Barn and Green Mountain Power give you Great savings on electric bikes from Cannondale and Trek!

GMP customers can now get an instant $300 rebate when you buy a new e-bike at First Stop Board Barn in Killington, Vermont. Stop by and test ride a new Cannondale or Trek e-bike today! We have several different models in-stock and many other models in our warehouse we can special order for you.

Take a look at some of our Test Center Models here: 


Green up your commute.

A great way to reduce your carbon footprint – hop onto an electric-charged, battery-powered e-bike. These bikes give your own pedal power a boost when you need it. You can go farther, or faster. Charge up with GMP’s 90% carbon free/60% renewable power, and you have a green ride for your daily commute – or errands around town!

Green up your fitness routine.

E-bikes require you to pedal your bike! If you don't pedal, you won't go anywhere! But they make biking enjoyable for more people in more terrain and on longer distance rides! E-bikes have unlimited potential for different types of riders and their individual goals below are a few examples:

  • E-Bikes are great for fitness. A common misconception is e-bikes don't require you to pedal, in reality, if you don't pedal your e-bike you won't go anywhere! You can also choose to ride the bike without assistance or adjust the amount of assistance you need based on the terrain you're riding.
  • E-Bikes are great for people who are recovering from an injury. Say you had a knee, leg, or other injury you're trying to recover from but you don't have the same amount of strength or range of motion you did before. An e-bike can help you get back on the road to recovery sooner allowing you to cycle with very little stress on your body.
  • E-Bikes are great for riders of different ability levels. Say your friend rides considerably faster than you, with an e-bike you could probably enjoy the ride together at similar pace. 
  • E-Bikes are great for extending your range. Say your average ride is 15-20 miles in distance but you're looking to go further, e-bikes can give you the confidence and assistance to make it happen!

Saving on an ebike is easy!

We offer GMP customers the $300 rebate right at the point-of-sale on bikes with a pretax price of at least $500. You just need to bring your GMP energy statement! Offer is valid for transactions completed on or between April 10, 2020 and June 30, 2020.

Take a look at some of our Test Center Models here: 



May 30, 2019 by Randy Elles
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